Write for Wiredaemons

If you have got the writing skills and inspirational personal experiences to share, know that we publish written content on our blog at WireDaemons. Share your ideas about men’s fashion trends, lifestyle, psychology, and fitness with our audience. To help you with your writing, please read our guidelines below.

Note that the content you submit must be authentic and never published anywhere else on the internet. Feel free to use an online plagiarism checker to make sure your written content is 100% original.

Personal experiences make compelling stories so, by all means, use them to reinforce your message. Additionally, scan our website for previously posted articles so you can write about topics that haven’t already been written by contributing authors.

When giving tips, hacks, guidance or advice, make sure to know who your target audience is. Are you addressing the youth? Men in fitness? Businessmen or startup companies? Always have the potential readers in mind when expressing your perspective and tackling issues in your article.

The article headline needs to summarize the problem you are going to analyze and present the solution to the readers. It has to be short, on-point, and enticing. Bear in mind that the following suggestions are optional but will help you create an SEO friendly title.

  • Keep the title word count between 6 and 8 words.
  • Powerful adjectives, such as amazing, essential, and shocking, can entice potential readers to find out more.
  • Numbers can also be used in the title.
  • Use questions that you will answer in the article. Indicate to the readers that you can teach them something new.
  • Include keywords in the headline that you will use frequently throughout the text.

Length: The minimum article length is 600 words. You are welcome to write as much as you like above that threshold but be careful not to overdo it, too.

Introduction: The first sentence should send a unique message that will resonate with your target audience. Keep it conversational, ask questions that you will later give answers to, and try to intrigue your readers to continue exploring what you offer. The last sentence of your introduction should convince your readers that they truly will learn something new.

Body: It is optimal to divide the article into 3-5 parts, each with a unique heading. Each heading needs to reflect your argumentation that will support your final statement. Avoid content bulkiness by hitting the Enter key to separate long paragraphs into smaller bite-sized ones.

Conclusion: Every story needs an ending that summarizes the whole message and provides the reader with key takeaways.
You can insert up to 2 in-article links. Just make sure they lead to pages associated with the topic of your article. After we publish your article on WireDaemons, feel free to add a link to it on your website or social media.

Remember: Guidelines are not strict rules. They’ll just help you navigate your writing better. And above everything else, just have fun writing!

Prior to deciding the topic you are going to cover with your article, please contact us via email and tell us your title and submission date.

When finished, we need you to either send us an email with your article *.doc format for revision or share a Google Drive link of the file with enabled editing options. State your full name and title in the file name.

If this is your first time writing for WireDaemon website, please send us the following so we can present your profile to the readers:

Full name or pseudonym.
Short biography (3-5 sentences).
Include a link to your website and/or social media (optional).
Image attachment of your headshot in jpg. format at a minimum size of 600x600 pixels (optional).