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The risks of sexual abstinence for men


What happens to your body when you are abstaining from the pleasure of sexual intercourse? Is it healthy? Does it harm your body in a long term?

Nearly every man encounters such a phrase during his life and there are many details to it than just a simple fact that you are restraining yourself from such satisfaction. We will today try to enlist some useful tips and other details regarding the prolonged sexual abstinence for men.


What to do to diminish loneliness


Men are, for the most part, highly concerned about their sex life and having a good performance in it. There are various sexual products for men that can enchant their stamina and open the new horizons of their “naughty” time. The sexual stability of men encompasses various aspects of their lives. Your emotional state, as well as your physical well-being, have to play a major role in this. Not to mention that the stress is the main and the most notorious enemy of both your sexual insecurity and your eventual performance.


This is why the lack of frequent sex in the daily life of men can generate different consequences in the different stages and areas of their existence. The overall insecurity can affect your personal life in many ways. Therefore, one can say that the lack of sexual pleasure can lead to eventual bad performance in your job or just simple anxiety attacks we all hate so much. So, what happens when you do not have sex for a long time?


For many people, sexual abstinence is not within the conditions of their current life events. There are many others that for various reasons, such as the usual end of a relationship with your partner, or maybe a personal failure that made you super insecure about yourself, or even maybe illness can be the main reason why many men have no sexual intercourse for a long time.


On the other hand, if a person doesn’t want to have sex for reasons mentioned above or because they want to be calm and without a partner for some time and this does not generate or suffering then it should not be seen as a problem. Unfortunately, there are some myths regarding this problem that is of course not true and can only make you even more nervous and insecure.

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There are too many myths and false stories


Fears of having insufficient erections and become avoidant are of course only myths and should never-ever bother you. Also, the stories about the hormone imbalance that is possible to happen to your body also nothing more than pure nonsense. It is widely believed that there are 7 main reasons why men get in this unpleasant phase in their lives.


That being low self-esteem, cardiovascular problems, muscular tension, lack of sleep, depression, stress, and overall bad mood. Some of them represent serious problems while others are more solvable. For many, the most difficult part of abstinence is losing closeness and intimacy with a partner, which gives rise to the terrible feeling of loneliness.


Some of the advice that specialists give to all men who can not continue with their sexual life, is to perform different physical activities such as dancing, yoga, sports, and exercises. As well as other types of cultural or recreational actions such as going to the movies, shopping, going out with friends, meeting with positive people or taking a dream trip. And who knows, maybe the right person you will have the next pleasure with might just come to you sooner than you expect…


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