Trendy Items for Men’s Fashion 2020

One thing is for sure: menswear has never been more significant or more impressive than it is right now. This year has so far been an incredibly exciting year when it comes to men’s fashion, and for autumn and winter season there is a lot of neat and appealing when it comes to men’s clothing and accessories for us men.

It is both fun and exciting that, for the first time in many ways, men’s fashion has come closer to women’s style when it comes to everything from the range of clothing and accessories to creativity.

For the first time, there is an incredible amount of new men’s clothing to choose from. Furthermore, the creativity from most fashion houses has been incredible when it comes to men’s fashion where we see a lot of fun, exciting and innovative things for us men.

Although men’s fashion in autumn and winter 2020 partly follows the trends we used earlier this spring and summer season as well as from 2018, there have been some changes. The boundaries between male and female are not as bright, and garments, patterns and cuts that were present in women’s fashion are largely present in men’s fashion as well!

2020 is also the year when A LOT is trendy. Both extravagant costumes and casual, dress and streetwear, tiny garments and incredibly bulky ones. Most fashion houses have realized that they have different kinds of customers, and this is evident in the garments they make, which in many cases are of different types of styles and tastes.

Whatever you like, you will find something great this year that is right for you. A lot is going on, and it is inspiring for you who are a man and interested in fashion to follow the days in front of us.

There is a red thread in the fall, and that is to dare. It’s a theme found in most fashion houses and collections. You should dare to dress in a way that makes you stand out in the crowd. Dare to be unique and dare to have fun with your style. 

Dressing nicely is something timeless and something you should always strive for, but it has never been as fun as it has been this year. And in the following lines, we will take a look at the men’s fashion and the trends that apply to autumn and winter 2020.


Bags, Bags and More Bags


A bag has become an essential part of an everyday outfit. Whether you have a bigger or smaller bag – you should be happy to have one in your hand. We love this because it looks so beautiful when, for example, you have a cute weekend bag in your hand as a complement to a lovely outfit.

If you want suggestions on good looking bags, then I suggest you take a look at collection by I Medici Leather. With their handmade Italian leather expertise, they can provide you with just the right model that will be a lifelong companion for your future fashion victories.


Trendy Gym Equipment 

Trendy Gym Equipment

It’s not just the famous brands of the big fashion industry that create our style. What about all those garments that are with our side when we sweat in the hell of the gym? 

This fall, everyone wants to have their pair of knee pads and wrist braces to protect themselves while continuing to tone their body during the cold days. 

What you should do is to check out the offer from Your Best Brace and find yourself both a comfortable and stylish solution to keep your body protected and beautiful looking.

There are many beautiful pads to chose from, and as much as beauty is important, the health and protection is twice as important at any part of the season.


Animal Patterns Are Trendy

Animal Patterns

Animal patterns have for many years been something we see mostly in women’s fashion. But this year this has wholly exploded, and animal patterns (mainly leopard and tiger patterns) are just trendy as trendy for us man too.

A lot of focus for autumn 2020 is on leopard patterns, and different kinds of pants, jackets, vests, hats, t-shirts, sweaters and accessories are available for purchase with some leopard pattern. 

That is, of course, both fun and exciting that there are so many stylish men’s clothes with animal patterns out there to choose from!


Stylish Elegance with Attitude

Stylish Elegance with Attitude

Elegant, stylish and good looking. With something big, extraordinary or with attitude. It should be a costume, but then it should be combined with something extra. That continues to be a hot trend, and now it should be something extravagant about your dressed outfit. 

From Dior’s long band that swept through an outfit. To double-knit elegance from both Hermès and Prada where Prada always distinguished himself with details around the waist which has a strong attitude. 

There are many examples of different famous creators that won many hearts already. You just have to choose your own prefferactions to show off that grace that you have unique and stylish above all.  Dress elegantly, but do it extravagantly or boldly.

Synthetic Material for Let’s Say Everything

Men in Synthetic Material

Synthetic material that was previously used most for more functional clothing is now used in pants, suits, jackets and yes, basically everything. 

Garments we don’t often see in synthetic materials (mainly nylon and polyamide) now come in new versions where they look a little slightly futuristic and modern thanks to the look of the material.


Soft, Sweet and Neat and Preferably Big

Soft, Sweet and Neat and Preferably Big

In direct contrast to the men’s clothing, we have seen in nylon; a trend is to have something soft, comfortable and stylish. I love to knit sweaters with a beautiful pattern. And many sweaters are over-sized, which means that they are large and slightly bumpy. 

Creatively combine this by matching with a suit or with a pair of contrasting trousers where you combine a knitted sweater with a pair of pants in synthetic material.


A Waist Bag Is a Must

Waist bag

The waist bag (aka fanny pack) has become incredibly trendy in recent years, and for 2020 is probably the hottest and trendiest accessory you can have. Whether you have it around your waist, carry it as a handbag or over your shoulder, a waist bag is a must for anyone who loves fashion and wants to keep up with the trends that exist. 

And we also see that a waist bag goes along with basically all kinds of outfits that are available. 

Rock it in an outfit with a suit, or a casual outfit with jeans and a hoodie. Anything goes.

Various fashion houses have developed their interpretations of the classic waist bag, and now there are those that you can attach both at the waist and shoulder. From small waist bags that are only for the mobile or your keys/money, to a bag that is on a jacket and much more.

In appearance, there are, in other words, a lot of different modern variants on the classic waist bag to choose from. I think that it can look terrific if you strap it over your shoulder in combination with the right outfit, of course.


In Conclusion

The fall of 2020 will be marked by fashion industries attitude to make us man dare to take a step in an unexpected way. We will carry bags a lot more often and implementing animal patterns to even some sophisticated styles will be more and more approved as time go by. 

Another thing to remember is that we should never go out of shape and getting that gym protection might be the smartest thing to do when upgrading your wardrobe for autumn. Whatever you do remember to experiment as much as you can and hopefully you will find a new style or just some colour that you previously never liked that much.

Trendy Items for Men's Fashion 2020
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Trendy Items for Men's Fashion 2020
This year has so far been an incredibly year when it comes to men's fashion, and for autumn and winter season there is a lot of Men's trendy items
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