Krakow – Stag do Weekend, Bachelor Euphoria in a City of Youngsters

The famous university hub in southern Poland is a place where an army of young partygoers marches every weekend with a demand for an unforgettable party euphoria that this amazing city never failed to present. You know that Krakow is a turbulent party heaven when so many visitors from their already bustling Slavic cities go to this Polish town for even greater entertainment possibilities. Find out how it came to be that Krakow now holds the title as the King city of all bachelor parties of Eastern Europe!

Why is Eastern Europe flocking into Krakow for unforgettable nights?

What do you need more for a start of your Krakow stag do party than the fact that this city has more pubs and bars per square meter than any other city in the world? Maybe the other fact that you can find here some of the lowest drink prices in all of the EU can fuel the start of your adventure even more. Just as you arrive you will be greeted with a great number of colorful bars that serve unique drinks as well as huge variety of both homemade and internationally famous beers.

They differ in musical style and interior but all of them have that legendary Slavic hospitality embodied in their foundation. There will be no better place to take a deep breath in a cozy atmosphere and consolidate your plans for tasting all the bits that Krakow’s nocturnal life can offer.

Take a segway or a secluded rooftop bus tour of the city to learn about its past and especially pay attention to the Old Town that’s under UNESCO Heritage protection and that also marks most of the meeting points in this city.

For all of those who just can’t wait to blend into bachelor euphoria with amazing activities during the day, there are countless entertainment options to enjoy just like in any major European city. Finish some of those drinks then head for a shooting range to fuel the adrenaline before the main act of your adventure.

Fun and engaging day and nighttime activities

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Or, maybe engage in the epic and hilarious go-karting race with your pals, but if that doesn’t bring you to cry of laughter then a bubble football or mud wrestling would certainly will! Any crew looking for a steady and comfort day can try some of these breathtaking boat cruises with drink serving where you can just sit, drink and observe as the Krakow story unfolds in front of you.

One thing is for sure, the city is a tightly packed party hub, where you are no more than 15 feet from someplace that serve drinks which can give you a good idea of what your nighttime there might look like. All the pubs and bars start to bash with live acts around 8 pm and the party within their walls doesn’t stop long after the afternoon hours of the next day!

That can make you easily lose the track of time so the help of locals can be of vital importance here. And when I say, locals, I mean the beautiful Polish girls that are going to be more than happy to show you around and even more than that… Grab one of them by the hip and dance in vibrant clubs of Krakow that vibe with the latest DJ hits as well as great band performances to suit each and everyone’s taste…

There are so many things that need to be noted about Krakow stag do weekend and what you are about to witness when you arrive. But one thing is sure, and that is that the best way to meet this city is to come and fall in love from the first step on its soil… Krakow awaits.


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