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How Traveling Can Benefit Your Career?

For most of us, little things can bring such enthusiasm and joy like traveling to exciting and unfamiliar places. Hell, we even proudly though about making a career out of traveling but how many of us have that amazing opportunity? It is scientifically proven that nothing can spread the horizons of our knowledge so good like experiencing the cultures and the way of living of other people. How can this benefit your career regardless of the type of work field you are in? Let’s take a closer look at what opportunities lie ahead of all who seek to improve their business capabilities while exploring and traveling. So pack your things (there’s a lot of good articles about packing hacks and how to implemented it in your travel routine), we are taking off!


The colorful world full of differences lies everywhere around us


Have you ever had an arranged travel plan for some destination only to be changed at the last moment for some other destination? I can remember the moment when my very close friend said with overwhelming enthusiasm that we will spend his bachelor party in Berlin, only to be changed at the last moment for an even longer bachelor party in Bucharest.


Yup, Romanian capital city was one of the last places I thought about traveling to but the experiences I have felt there were needless to say life-changing. I knew very little at that point about their past and more or less about anything in general that we might see there. I did some research online before we head off to the airport but everything that can be seen online were the presentations of their prettiest sights and most famous landmarks.


I remember thinking how there must be many sides to this story and how (just like anywhere else on this planet) there must be some bad and well-hidden sites that we will endure. Just as we arrived I was greeted with the unfamiliar surrounding. Strange architecture, beautiful women, the way people walked, talked and behaved, everything was pretty much in the similar order like it was back home but in such different tone and colors.


That is exactly the moment when you realize that you are experiencing that famous “Culture shock” when your mind is expanding with an abundance of knowledge without you actually doing anything but observing the surrounding. These experiences were the subjects of previously mentioned scientific researches who concluded that experiencing such sites can enhance the personal liability like nothing else in this world.


How is that possible you might ask yourself at this point? Well, think of this way. If you have (let’s say for the sake of argument) grown up to be an adult person in a highly developed country who has a stable economy with higher then usual income, and you go for a weekend in a poor third-world country, what would be your first impression?


Demand Business Lessons From the Road


The beautiful landscape, or the tasteful food that you might crave for from all the busy traveling? Well maybe so, but once you hit the civilization the first impressions will be something that you will consider as poverty and unorganized society. You might get looked upon as someone who came from a “dreamland” for those people, hundreds of questions about your way of life back home will be there.


And before you know it, your homeplace will be more exotic to you than it ever was. The feel of gratitude for what you have back home will triple instantly. That job that you were never satisfied with completely will somehow become not so bad after all needless to say anything about your pay. Just to walk into a store of some hardworking man and have a 10-minute chit-chat with him about his business can broad your business knowledge more than any seminar that you had inside your successful company. Hard times teach us the best lessons.


It’s easy to be in charge of things when everything goes smoothly but just as the first issues occur we tend to get desperate and hopeless. Experiencing the issues of business in foreign cultures and their economies can bring that liability to your work ethics like anything else. There must be a great reason why all these famous people who escaped extreme poverty in their childhood had such great driving force inside of them to achieve their dreams.


It is all reflected from the previous life lessons that they had and knowing that you can’t lose anything but win something can be the greatest motivational force that you can have. Now, imagine all the adventures you can endure during traveling that can bring that so wanted liability to your business ethics.


Having someone who traveled to many places inside your office is so much different than when you have someone who never been anywhere but his hometown. The world is so wast and inviting that it is practically impossible to travel to all the corners of the world in one life.


This can prove the fact that you can never be “fully developed business person” because no one can say with certainty that he is a professional in any field if he or she didn’t travel to other sides of the world and see for themselves how people from their field walk, talk and behave.


If anything, I hope that next time you travel to an unexplored place you try to experience the “business” part of their lives from a new perspective and try to implement all the bits (good or bad) into your business perspective. Because after all, the more we know – the more we are valued!


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