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Gentleman’s Guide for Selecting the Perfect Bag

Finding the right men’s bag that suits both character and clothing style can be difficult. Shoulder bags have become very popular and are clearly more common than men’s backpacks today. But that does not mean that a shoulder bag is better than a backpack – it depends entirely on the appearance of the bag and who carries it. In today’s article, we will take a look at how each type of bag can affect your character and hopefully help you with your own choice. 


What bags can men wear?

  • Laptop Cases
  • Shoulder Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Duffle Bags
  • Weekend Bags


Laptop Cases

Laptop Cases

Laptop cases are probably the number one type of bag used by the greatest percentage of men every day. According to prominent man bags retailer I Medici, the need for leather laptop cases has never been greater. This information shouldn’t surprise you since “old fashioned” polyester laptop cases are clearly the thing of the past. 

Not to mention that obtaining a leather laptop case creates a perfect professional impression as part of your work attire and nothing less is expected from you. One of the best reasons why you need to invest in a more luxurious laptop bag is that this bag will probably be your lifelong companion since the quality and design are created to withstand the test of trends.


Shoulder Bags


Many consider this type of bag to be the trendiest right now. Shoulder straps can be very stylish, but there are also variants that are more casual. When it comes to stylish men’s bags, there is an abundance in the market, especially when looking for a sixth shoulder bag. 

The bag has only one strap that you pull over the shoulder. Some models also have a handle that makes it possible to carry around it. From experience, this handle is rarely used, although it can, of course, be handy at times. This type of bag is perfect for carrying a laptop, books, gym clothes or if you have food boxes for the job. 

A functional bag that suits well in school and at work. Shoulder bags are highly functional, but also very fashion-oriented and stylish if you can only find the right model suited to your taste and needs.



A backpack will never run out of fashion. You just can’t find a more functional bag that is also relatively kind to the shoulders, neck, and back while also looking good and being packed with many things. There are backpacks that fit in both formal and informal situations and clothing styles. 

Today it can be a little difficult to find backpacks with a simple and modest design that is for example completely black. Where did they go? They exist, but they are not as common as a couple of years ago. It is more common to find some more childish colors and patterns, but shame on the one who gives up. Whoever seeks – he finds! 


Duffle Bags

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag can mean a lot and it can be used for a variety of things. All that is usually required from it is to be spacious, have more than one compartment and have the opportunity for different ways to carry it. Some sports bags come with shoulder strap and handles, others only have handles or just shoulder straps. 

Whether you are looking for a good bag for the gym or for transporting large quantities of something – the market for training bags is well developed. The options are many and there are guaranteed a bunch of bags that meet your needs.


Weekend Bags

Weekend Bags

When it comes to weekend bags, the choices are many. There are bags that are suitable for formal, casual and slightly sportier occasions. The range is great at the moment and it is a bit of a favorite among fashion enthusiasts. Whether you like fashion or not, it is impossible to deny the fact that weekend bags can look very neat and sophisticated. If you choose the right bag then you can definitely increase the impression you give to other people. 

It is adult, mature, conscious and masculine to wear on a weekend bag that fits with other clothing. Choose the right weekend bag and you have a plus on the edge. Usually, a weekend bag holds a lot, but at the same time, it can be very handy to carry around. You should be able to fill it with clothes (and a protein shake) for the weekend and at the same time have no problems transporting it, such as it would be with a suitcase. 


In Conclusion:

It all comes down to selecting the right men’s bag for the right person. An ugly bag will always be ugly, but a stylish bag will not always be stylish. A sporty, black backpack can look great when you are on your way to the gym or when you are going out in the woods. The design is neat and clean, and it is very functional. Definitely worth the price you bought it for. Now put on a suit and use the same bag. 

The contrast becomes enormous and you send out two completely different signals. If you wear a suit, the men’s bag should also match your style. The right bag for the right person and occasion. This is one of the reasons why shoulder bags have gone through so much. Many of them are multifunctional. There are shoulder straps that work on a variety of occasions and clothing styles. Backpacks tend to be more restrictive in their applications, although there are of course backpack models that fit in the office as well as in the gym. 

Think carefully before you choose the model to invest in since chances are great that if you find the perfect match, you will stick to it for some time.


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