Driving Gloves

Driving Gloves

Have you ever wondered why the compartment you have on the right side of your car is called a glove compartment? Because at the beginning of the last century, surprisingly, all drivers wore black leather driving gloves. 

At that time, the first cars had a large boiler that gave off dangerous steam and heat, and the drivers had to get gloves to prevent nasty burns. Time has advanced and, although we no longer need them for protection, leather driving gloves are very useful in the right circumstances.

It may sound strange to many that driving gloves are a necessity for some drivers, but for those who have worn them while taking some curves, it’s a discovery that made their journeys whole lotta easier. Sweat is also a reason to buy gloves and avoid losing grip on the steering wheel of the vehicle. The cold of the steering wheel in winter is another cause. 

As you can see, there are numerous reasons, and driving gloves for men are much more than fashion or wanting to look like Ryan Gosling in “Drive.”


Are Leather Gloves Good for Driving?

black driving gloves

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Driving with leather gloves is very satisfying, to say the least, and the more comfortable you are, the more pleasant the journey will be. So let’s see what characteristics must be taken into account to choose the right leather driving gloves.

For example, the famous Italian brand Fratelli Orsini is one of the firms specializing in men’s leather gloves for driving. Each pair is unique. They are handmade in Italy by master artisans who use the most advanced tools in the process. Variety is part of the company’s philosophy. So it is not difficult to find the ones you want.

Italian elegance and leather quality are a combination that has led this brand to be an example and reference in the sector. Lambskin, cashmere, and silk gloves are some of the products with which they have made more than 100 different styles for men and women. Taste is your thing, and good taste is served.

Another brand that seeks to give satisfaction and bring some sophistication to safe drivers is the luxury gloves brand is Gaspar Gloves that makes some of the best leather gloves for men. A recognized label that believes in the timeless use of gloves. For them, gloves are an accessory that can be used year-round.

The selection of materials is one of the priorities of this luxury brand. Therefore, the average price of a couple of them is never below 100$. The variety of designs for their men’s leather gloves is also fascinating. There is no doubt that women can enjoy and fantasize a little more with the styles, but the men can undoubtedly find just the one that will perfectly complement every style and preference.

It’s also possible to find a pair of leather driving gloves in the purest rock and roll style with half of the fingers outside, bare knuckles, and casual decoration that will make them feel safer than ever. Or, for those who have more chromatic tastes, the brand that might be of perfect choice is the Laude. 

They are perforated leather gloves that are perfect for summer, jeans, and a lot of styles. You can find them in different colors, but bright yellow is one of the favorites according to the countless of satisfied users.

If you have never used driving gloves because you find them a bit old-fashioned, consider driving a little safer and more comfortable behind the wheel. Style can be part of everyday life in your car.


What Are Smart Touch Gloves?

smart touch gloves

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In this day and age, we have all met with this struggle at some point. It’s freezing cold outside, your gloves are protecting your hands, however, there is a sudden need to pull out your smartphone and make all those swipes across the screen. The only problem is that the leather driving gloves that you are wearing don’t allow you to make contact with the screen. It’s very annoying and quite frustrating at times and there are numerous times when taking off gloves to answer your phone is simply not the easiest option. Enter smart touch gloves.

These creations of the new age are specifically designed to allow the tips of your fingers to access the smartphone screen without any problems.

No longer will you need to ridiculously touching your screen time after time only to find out that yet again you will have to take them off just to make that tiny but very necessary move.

Having smart touch gloves while being behind the wheel is the next level of comfort that all drivers who prefer to drive with more style and elegance on their hands should start to practice immediately. Once you see how pleasant the feeling of touching your smartphone with leather driving gloves is, there won’t be returning back from that opportunity.


What Are Driving Gloves Used For?


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As you can probably see by now, the old-timers that had that famous “glove compartment” are the thing of the past simply because driving with gloves is no longer the matter of protection but style, elegance, and functionality as well. 

Sweaty steering wheel, freezing outside temperature or simply the need to have a firmer grip on the wheel are just some of the reasons why best driving gloves are still very useful in many scenarios. 

As with motorcycle gloves, it is important to use ones that are specific for driving and are made of resistant materials such as leather. The leather, in addition to protecting you, will allow your hands to perspire.

There are many attractive premium designs and you will find a multitude of colors and designs, and they will be fantastic to splurge elegance if you have a classic or convertible car.


How Can I Look Cool While Driving?

Men Look Cool While Driving

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Well honestly speaking, How not to look cool while driving and wearing driving gloves? It’s safe to say that not all driving gloves will complement every need, style, and vehicle. However, it’s also safe to say that hardly anyone but you can find the ideal model suited to your specific style and preferences as well as the style of your vehicle.

What should prevail when choosing gloves should always be safety over the design. Indeed, there are currently many manufacturers that combine these two factors so you can enjoy safe driving without sacrificing style.

The first thing you should do is choose the size that best suits your hand since if the glove is too small, it will be very tight to your hand, and you will lose touch or experience colder hands since the blood will not circulate correctly. On the other hand, if the glove is too large, it will be more challenging to handle the controls of the motorcycle.

To succeed with the size, you have to measure the contour of the hand. In order to do this, simply measure the height of the knuckles with your fingers together while excluding the thumb. To help you choose the corresponding size you can orient yourself with this table of measures:


  • Size XXS: between 6.3’’ and 7’’ (16 and 18 centimeters)
  • Size XS: between 7’’ and 7.8’’ (18 and 20 centimeters
  • Size S: between 7.8’’ and 8.2’’ (20 and 21 centimeters)
  • Size M: between 8.2’’ and 8.6’’ (21 and 22.5 centimeters)
  • Size L: between 8.6’’ and 9.4’’ (22.5 and 24 centimeters)
  • Size XL: between 9.4’’ and 9.8’’ (24 and 25.5 centimeters)
  • Size XXL: between 9.8’’ and 10.2’’ (25.5 and 26 centimeters)

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