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Clench Your Fist and Start Living Your Dream

Everyone has some sort of dream swimming inside them. Perhaps it’s something very distant and theoretically unachievable, or maybe it’s closer than you might think. Nevertheless, very few people jump in the sea to swim towards their dreams. Most people follow the herd throughout their lives. With the flow. Like everyone else. After all, it is safest. 

That way, you know where to go, where you will end up and how it will all finish. In solitude with nothing but a book full of dull memories and dreams that only live in the past.

It’s sometimes scary to realize what the famous phrase “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it,” tried to tell us. But do you know what’s even scarier? The full realization that you never even dared to try to get a hold on the life that you always wanted to live. 

That you never even tried to apply for that test or that you were too scared to make one phone call and kickstart it all. Every great plan never survived the first punch, my friend. So be prepared to taste both sweet and bitter moments in finally realizing that its time to never look back and only swims towards the goal.

It does not matter if you are ten years or sixty years old. A dream lives forever. An original idea does not go away with old age. The physical limitations, on the other hand, are a significant obstacle, but the thoughts do not become gray with age even if the body is decaying. 

Then before the physical limitations set a deadline, jump into the sea now, and swim like your life depends on it. 


Never Be Your Own Defeatist


The first thing to do is to find out what you truly dream about. That is not about the big expeditions across the wilderness of the earth. I fully understand that not everyone wants to expose themselves to such mental and physical trials. 

But I am asking you to stop for a moment and tell your self one or two things that you always wanted to become. If you are someone older, then 25 I am more then positive that you know what you truly want to be. 

The bottom line is that you need to understand yourself and what you dream of to get started. Detailed descriptions on a paper should be easy to downplay if you actually know them. Maybe you’re in a state where you don’t really know what you want in life. But you just know that you won’t be where you are NOW forever and that it will take sometime before you set all plans straight. And that is all the time in the world actually to figure out where you want to go.

Do you say you have no particular dreams inside your heart? Do not stress. It’s easier than you think to notice them. You have values. Things you value more here in life than anything else. In that case, then write them down on a piece of paper. Suddenly you have a framework for what your dream should be. It should safeguard your values ​​while fulfilling them. 

For me, it’s easy to see that my values ​​revolve around a dream of outdoor living.  I want to experience and enjoy it to the greatest extent. It’s just a dream of experiencing freedom and being its own master, of being released from expectations and obligations at nine to five every day. I cannot stand the typical everyday life with duties set by everyone but me. I hate it! So my value of freedom is exceptionally high. 

Being allowed to decide for myself what I expect of myself is, for me, the most significant value there is but also that I have.  

If I fail – I have not disappointed anyone but myself because it’s my assumptions to implement — no one else’s. Follow this simple rule for start of chasing your dreams and you are already on a good path.


The Environment Will Do Its Damage, Be Alarmed and on Your Own Course

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I don’t think people are good enough to take care of themselves anymore. Many articles and blog posts in the media talk about how young people are struggling mentally. They wear out on the school bench, on exercise, family, and social life. And all of that for the reason that there are so damn many expectations in society set by others. 

Do you really think we would have been mentally exhausted if we had worked and lived for our own terms and dreams? Do you really think a typical teenager follows his dream while knowing how everything works around him? I honestly don’t think so. I think we just want to live a life in which we ​​are happy. But expectations are set for the longest time. And they are soaring.

Stop letting others expect things from you that you don’t expect from yourself! Set expectations according to your values, and your dreams will come true. The motivation will be there.

Begin to prioritize. I’m so tired of hearing those thousands of excuses. It’s about making choices. You must prioritize over time. Not least, you must be aware that you are losing something and winning something. 

You can rarely get in the bucket and grab it all for yourself. You must consider whether you are willing to choose. I had to decide for myself, and so did everyone else. Clench your fist and just do it already!

In Conclusion, A big Conclusion

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A stable life with many friends, family life, and education. That was was the easiest choice I’ve made. After that, came the wilderness and expectations, and my dreams started to roll out in the most unexpected ways. 

Although I’ve lost a lot, I’ve also won so much. I’ve realized what I need to do to be good. I can’t live my life based on others and what others want from me. My mother, for example. She doesn’t want me to go on big expeditions because I often risk losing my life. But should I listen to her? No. If I did, I would never have experienced some of the sites that completely changed my mind in the way that I always dreamed about.

You also have to stand up above the worries of others and your own limits, And you have to accept that not everyone will allow your choices. People will not always recognize you and your values ​​- and you still need to feel good about yourself and do what makes you happy – It will all start with the realization that you finally live your dream in your eyes.

The most important thing is that life is short and we shouldn’t withstand to watch the time fly by. 

At least I don’t recommend it. Make a choice and start working for that opportunity. Trust yourself and don’t let others take in your dreams. 

Hurry. After all, everything can start right from this moment…


Cedric Chapman

Cedric Chapman is your go-to guy for all things macho. He is a fitness guru, an avid fan of adrenaline-fueled sports, and also a business consultant who has spent years analyzing the effects of manhood in various facets of life, including career, relationships, health, and hobbies. However, this feat doesn’t come without its challenges, which is why he has created WireDaemons, an online platform for exchanging ideas, useful advice, and tips about what it takes to be a straight-up man in this age of Internet and technology. Join his pursuit to embrace the power of healthy masculinity and tackle the issues that point otherwise!

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