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Can Sex Toys Make Women Happier?

It is common knowledge that sex is very healthy – both physically and mentally. It is an act of love and should always bring pleasure. However, masturbation is also a form of love, self-love. Our society has progressed in the way of thinking about sex, and masturbation shouldn’t be a taboo.


Nowadays, we have a vast variety of sex toys for women to choose from, such as vibrators, dildos, massagers, and so on. Some retail websites selling licensed sex toys are pretty helpful for women who struggle with finding a perfect toy for them. But the real question is: Can these sex pleasure toys make you happier?

Reducing Stress

In today’s day and age, depression and anxiety are pretty common mental health issues. Many people struggle with these conditions, it is almost like an epidemic.


When treating depression and anxiety, a part of the therapy is focused on the reduction of stress or cortisol levels. Some people meditate to reduce it, some people need anti-depressants to keep their mental state in check, but sex is also very helpful for reducing stress as well. Physical pleasure reduces the release of stress hormones and boosts the release of ‘happiness hormone’ called dopamine.

The Importance of Sex Toys

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Have you ever faked an orgasm? When you’re a woman, there is a high chance that your answer to this question is ‘Yes’. If that is the case, don’t worry, we have good news for you! For the majority of women, it is extremely difficult to achieve orgasm via vaginal penetration alone. This is where sex toys come in to save the day. Many couples, as well as single ladies, use sex toys for women to add spice to their bedroom routine and aim for that cloud nine.


The usage of sex toys is not only adventurous but it also helps both men and women become more open-minded and creative about their bodies and senses. In all candor, there is nothing more beneficial than boosting your creativity while having double pleasure. One woman even claimed that a vibrator helped her beat depression. Therefore, the taboo of sex toys for women should be lifted once and for all!

How to Choose a Sex Toy?

So, now that you’ve finally decided that you will buy yourself a vibrator or a dildo, you’re asking yourself which one to choose. It can be a struggle sometimes, but the answer is very simple! It all depends on your preferences and needs. If you like to play openly with yourself, vibrators will definitely suit you! For ladies who want to stay discreet, vibrators with these features will work perfect for you. Finally, if you’d like to challenge yourself, there are specially designed pleasure panties that will take you to bliss and back wherever you go.

In Conclusion…

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Numerous scientific researches have proven that sexual pleasure reduces stress and helps dramatically in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Thus, if sexual pleasure can be achieved more easily with more intensity, what’s stopping you from at least giving it a try? Just as pleasure can be doubled, so can the benefits! Dear ladies, do not hesitate to explore your sexuality with awesome sex gadgets available nowadays!


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