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15 Tips to Be a Better Husband and Father

Raising a child is never easy, nor maintaining a loveable relation with your partner. Being a parent means taking into account a large number of aspects that can affect how our children can develop. 

While most parents do their best, and in most cases, they end up doing well, it is common to find people with doubts about what they should do to perform their role in the best way possible.

In other words, it’s not uncommon to ask what to do to be a good father (or mother). Therefore, in this article, you can find a series of tips to be a good father and best husband ever to provide a stimulating environment and favor the correct physical and mental development.

In the following lines we will try to answer What are the qualities of a good husband and what can you do to strengthen the relationship with your children as they grow into responsible adults.

1. Communicate and Listen Carefully to Your Children

Children need an interest in them, they need to feel important for their loved ones. Listening to what they have to say, their experiences and concerns imply that we care and care about them. 

Furthermore, the awesome husband must also share his views and emotions in a way that displays the confidence to create a close connection in a way that no other person in the world can do. It is also crucial to talk with the children to show your affection daily.

2. Create and Enjoy Quality Time With Your Family

The presence or lack of a particular parental figure is a very powerful determinant in the growth of a child. 

Even if, for work reasons, continued contact is not possible, the time spent with the children must be enriching and active so that they live as something motivating and exciting. Talk, read, play, teach them things, or go on excursions with them.

3. A Good Husband Always Communicates Openly and Honestly With His Wife

Most frustrations in marriage come directly or indirectly from a breakdown in communication between husband and wife. Both men and women contribute to the breakdown of communication in different ways.

For men, the breakup often comes through a lack of communication.

Our wives need to talk to us, and not just in the way we talk about the weather or football with our friends. They need us to share the details of our day, and we must listen carefully to what they are trying to communicate.

Speak with truth and love, and listen with respect and compassion. If you make communication a priority, I believe that all other aspects of your marriage will begin to improve.

4. Show Unconditional Affection for Both at Any Time

It has been shown that the fact that both parents show affection with their children improves the level of happiness and self-esteem of the latter. Expressing your love and affection for your children is essential. It causes children to feel accepted and loved. 

It is about making them see that they are loved unconditionally. In that way, they also discover the way to show concern for others and that the before-mentioned expression is not shameful or wrong.

5. An Awesome Husband Always Needs to Find a Way to Provide for His Wife and Children

For all the needs, both large and small. Providing financially is a part of this, but do not use it as an excuse to work so hard that you are absent from your family.

The greatest gift God provided was himself, and the greatest gift you can afford is the gift of yourself. Apart from delivering, you must also offer your presence. 

Your wife and your family would do anything to have more of you.

6. Don’t Compare Your Child With Others

Making comparisons with other people can make the child think that he is not good enough or that he is appreciated or should appreciate himself based on what others have or do. Besides, this damages the parent-child relationship, as well as the possible relationship of the child with the people with whom it is compared.

7. Let Your Children Praise Your Achievements but Never Too Much

Very often people highlight the bad things that others do, while when they do something well we usually consider what has been done and rarely ever talk about that achievement again. 

It is important for a child that when he does something right or accomplishes an objective or achievement, it is praised and celebrated by the parents. In this way, the child has reinforced his excellent behavior. 

8. Pay Attention to Your Partner More Then You Did When You Just Met

Husbands should always try to capture the attention and interest of their partners, no matter how much time they spent together. 

Happy couples (at least in the first seven years of marriage) are those who realize the attention calls from both parties at least 86% of the time. Couples who end up divorcing notice the signs 33% of the time.

In everyday life, not everything our partner says is exciting and, perhaps, we would prefer to continue watching TV. But if we pass from her, she will also move from us when we want to tell her something inconsequential. And when it enters that dynamic, marriage has the days counted.

9. Avoid Stiffness at All Cost

An overly rigid educational style can generate a pattern of fearful and insecure behavior and behavior, exaggerated reactivity, or inflexible and limited behavior. 

There is a need for some flexibility to show that things can change, that there are different points of view. The reasons for the decisions must be explained. It is about providing limits and a particular order but without becoming a tyrant.

10. Let Them Be Interested in Your Worldview

They may not have the level of understanding of an adult’s situation, but children also generate their own opinions about the world. 

Asking for your advice allows us to get to know our son better and can help clear up doubts and fears in the child, as well as let him see that his opinion is valuable and valid.

11. No to Over-Demand

It is positive to believe in the possibilities of our children and motivate them to act and maximize their potential. However, we must try not to sue them too much and too quickly. 

Each person advances in life at the speed that he can, and if he is excessively demanded, he can end up blocking and/or cause frustration and the feeling that nothing he achieves is enough.

12. Please Don’t Yell at Them, Ever

Sometimes children’s behavior can have adverse effects and cause us a certain level of anger. However, misbehaving is no reason to shout at them. The screams are a humiliating and painful act for them and do not fix the situation. 

It is preferable to explain calmly why your performance is not correct and what results it has, including possible punishments.

13. Always Try to Answer Their Questions Like You Have Been Asked From a University Professor

Childhood and adolescence are times when the youngest begins to observe different aspects of reality, discovering a large amount of information. The world is complex, and what we perceive can generate a lot of doubts. 

Answering them means increasing the knowledge of the progeny regarding the different aspects of reality while allowing a greater connection with them.

14. Do Not Repress Their Emotions or Yours

Suppressing emotions, whether those of the child or their own, can cause the child to see them as a weakness or something aversive that must be hidden. It is highly recommended to help its expression both directly and indirectly (through drawings or games). 

For example, if someone close to death dies, it is not wrong to cry in front of the child, since this teaches him that it is not harmful to express sadness. This is necessary both for positive emotions such as joy or love and for negative emotions.

15. Always Generate a Respectful Family Climate No Matter the Situation

The correct development needs to have an adequate family climate that creates positive stimulation and allows the acquisition of trust and different values. That implies that we not only have to focus on the child as being but also on the environment we are offering. 

The relationship between parents, their social life, and participation in the community are aspects that will somehow end up being recorded in the child’s mind.

It may seem obvious, but it is crucial to participate in the education of children. 

Show them a way to see the world, teach them to act and how society and the environment around them work, set limits, and transmit norms and values ​​such as respect, tolerance, and coexistence are elements of great importance for efficient development and adaptive of the minor.


In Conclusion

While these tips are designed to reflect and visualize different vital aspects in the education of a child, we should not become obsessed with the idea of ​​doing everything right.

There will be times when you feel bad, that you lose patience, that you don’t realize that something is wrong with your child, that you cannot be present, or that for some reason, you make different mistakes. 

To think that we must always be perfect is harmful since spontaneity is lost, and it seems to be something forced, which reduces credibility. Also, the idea is conveyed to the child that we must always be exquisite in our dealings with others, which can cause him to be excessively demanding in his relationships both on his part towards others and vice versa.

Being a father and husband is something for life. It is not something we can leave when we want or something that has an expiration date when, when the child reaches the age of majority. Our adult children may not depend on us in the same way as in their childhood, but we should always be available to them.


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