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Best Advice For Men From Sex and Relationship Experts

As humans, one of our deepest and most intimate desires is to be happy, and perhaps nothing makes us happier than that feeling that comes after a round of good quality sex. And it’s no wonder! Ever since that instinctive day we discovered our organ isn’t just for peeing and that the reason why girls differ from boys extends well beyond clothing, we’ve been looking for different ways to get off: from experimenting alone and trying out different sex toys and products to the good old Playboy magazines, lube to suction chambers and flashlights, and the new age kink — sex dolls.

And why not? After all, sex is extremely beneficial, with its perks extending well beyond that pleasurable sensation we get during orgasm. Sex has been scientifically proven to boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, burn calories, lower your risks of a heart attack, ease stress, improve sleep, lessen pain while cutting down your risk of developing prostate cancer.

In relationships, orgasms play a significant part in bonding, as couples with an active sex life reported feeling happier and more secure with their partners than those with infrequent sex activity. This is due to oxytocin or the love hormone that we excrete during the heat of the moment.

If you’re stuck in a dry rut and want to reignite passion and intimacy into your relationship or you’re looking to strengthen it, here is some sure-fire advice gathered by relationship experts that are guaranteed to grant you a happier, more secure and long-lasting relationship with your partner. Below, you can find guidance from the experts that will help you improve both your interpersonal connection and sex life.

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Communicate With Each Other

One of the most important aspects of your relationship is how you communicate with each other. You see, the verb “to communicate” doesn’t always mean the same to women and men. You have to establish a common ground first before making any further assumptions. Communication gives you the ability to know what your partner actually wants, preventing the possibility to disconnect between the expectations of what you think your partner wants versus what you actually want. And no always means no!

Beyond that, frequent and regular communication also makes you and your partner less shy and timid about yourselves in the bedroom, making you less reluctant to tell each other what particular act or style really turns you on. Research has consistently proven that couples who have open dialogues report feeling more sexually satisfied and happy with their partners. Do not hesitate to ask feedback with questions like “Are you loving this speed? Want me to go higher or lower? How’s the angle? A little to that side, or is it just right? Wanna change positions?

These inquiries won’t turn your partner off as many fear but would rather give you further hints on what you can do to make your sex as pleasure laden as possible. Pretty much anyone can orgasm but the intensity build-up is where the true challenge lies. You can also ask, ‘Do you want more of this, or more like this?’ If you have a partner who is shy, she can easily let you know if you’re hitting it right with questions like these. Don’t fall into the mindset that asking questions reveals you’re a bad lover, nothing is more romantic than knowing your partner actually cares for your sexual happiness as well.

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Explore Each Other’s Bodies

Bear in mind, fellas, that men are more climax oriented than women. That doesn’t mean women aren’t heading in that direction, it’s just that you need to be imaginative with her whole erogenous body to bring her home like royalty. Proper sex isn’t goal oriented at all and this is where foreplay and exploration take precedence. One of the most philosophical advice given to mankind was “Man, know thyself” by Socrates and, well, that advice is also applicable if you want a better relationship and a better sex life.

A perfect way of spicing up your sex life is by exploring each other. Learn what makes her tick, discover every area of her body. Understand her likes and dislikes. Use your sense of touch and libido to explore each other’s sexual fantasies. Try out sex toys for men and other products if you got the balls to take things up a notch. When you spend time together exploring and experimenting, you increase the depth of your bonding as well as the quality of your sex with your partner. So, man, know thyself—and thy partner, if you want an active, sexually rewarding experience for you and your partner.

Get Freaky And Creative, Your Partner Deserves To Be Pleasured By Your Skills

Let’s face it: most of the time when you’re aroused, all you care about is huffing and puffing until you experience that pleasurable zing, not caring about how sexually pleasurable your technique and sexual position is. Well, this might do if it’s a one night stand but not if you truly care about the happiness and sexual satisfaction of your partner.

As a committed partner, it is your duty to get creative in the bedroom. Try out different, new and sometimes even “weird” sexual positions with your partner to see what specifically rings your bells and what doesn’t. You might even discover new styles that will make her even more sexually satisfied and happy, strengthening the bond and depth of your relationship. Contrary to popular belief, the only wrong sexual position is that style where you don’t try anything at all. The moment things become stale under the sheets can be a sign that you have unresolved issues in your relationship.

In relationships, orgasms play a significant part in bonding, as couples with an active sex life reported feeling happier.

Communication gives you the ability to know what your partner actually wants, preventing a disconnect between the expectations of what you think your partner wants versus what you actually want.


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