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Backpack vs Elegance Laptop Briefcase

The tablets, laptops and all of their hybrids have become essentials for the day to day tasks of any student or worker, so it is important to have a good backpack or briefcase to carry and keep your device protected from inclement weather, scratches, and occasional hits. 

Thanks to the great demand for these devices, the market offers an immense variety of types, designs, and features. And although there are standardized screen sizes, the dimensions of each device vary enormously. 

Due to this, it is difficult to establish a specific size of the backpack in which they fit, but in this post, we will give you tips on how to choose the most suitable bag or backpack for your Tablet or Laptop.

The Screen Size Does Not Equal the Size of the Device

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According to a prominent laptop, and bag retailer Got Briefcases, many customers are having problems when they try to find just the right laptop case for the dimensions of their device. The screens of the devices are measured in inches and each inch equals 2.54 centimeters. The way to measure it is diagonal while excluding the frame they may have around. 

But, in addition, the screen has a certain proportion, that is, the relation between height and width of the device. If it is a widescreen it will have a ratio of 16 centimeters long by 9 wide, that is to say, 16:9, but an iPad for example, has a ratio of 4:3, which means that it is an almost square screen.

That being said, you can understand why the size of the screen neither determines the width nor the height of the device. In addition, the frame around the screen varies according to brands and models, which can be much different between two computers that have the screen with the same number of inches.

So when choosing a laptop backpack, you can be guided by the description that determines the size of the device that fits in it, but it will always be better to measure all its dimensions and ensure that they are equal to or less than those indicated in the file of product.

The Comfort vs the Elegance 

The briefcase is a classic way to carry the laptop and although it is associated with a more executive look, there are briefcases for a wide variety of tastes. From the elegant to the most casual, both for men and women who want their briefcase to be like their purse.

But as the current tempo of life demands that we are in a constant movement, the elegance of the briefcase is being overshadowed by the comfort of the backpack. Backpacks are fashionable and for many, it is more practical to move their school or work materials alongside laptops all the time. In addition, for backpacks, there is an immense variety of styles, from sports to the executive outlook.

Advantages of the Briefcase Advantages of the Backpack
When you carry it in your hand, it is very elegant because it does not take away your outfit, but it adds to your overall styling. The design of the backpacks has evolved and there are many options for different tastes and personalities that combine with any style.
Associated with an executive and sophisticated look. Practical and comfortable to wear.
It has the possibility to be combined with other complements of your look, such as watch or footwear. It gives an air of modernity.
It does not mark or wrinkle clothes. They have the capacity to carry more things besides the laptop.
Most suitcases have a shoulder strap that you can remove easily if you want to carry it on your shoulder or cross. Laptop backpacks usually have a reinforced back and wide, ergonomic straps.
An overall safer option than a backpack The materials in which they are manufactured are usually lighter, which weighs much less than a briefcase.

Lightness or Additional Functionality?

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We also have the functionality factor since there are those who prefer to carry in addition to their device, other things of daily use. To do this, the backpacks are very versatile since some have well-composed compartments so that you can easily organize all your belongings. Also because of its shape and size is more practical to load everything, especially on trips or when you are in a hurry.

If you prefer not to mix a laptop with personal affections, the briefcase is a good option, especially because they usually have an internal organizer to put small accessories, pens, and documents. In addition, most of the models that we offer in our online store have a rear band to adapt it to the suitcase when you travel so that you don’t have to worry about charging it.

Designs for Different Ages and Functionality

Finally, age, personality, and the way you are going to use it will determine the type of backpack or briefcase suitable for each one. School-age children will prefer a backpack or booklet with prints of their favorite cartoons. While young people and college students will want something more casual.

Businessmen and women have many options since numerous brands provide us today with a very elegant collection of both briefcases and backpacks. And for casuals, you can even experiment with different materials such as aluminum, polyester or any other that you think will compliment your style in the best way.


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